What's up with TURBOPY?

Its been a few years since development of TURBOPY started. It was one of the first full stack frameworks with a frontend first approach, deep integration of nosql concepts and a data oriented design (DOD), omitting OOP concepts early on. TURBOPY had its roots in large product databases that needed to be maintained and a strive for simplicity and easy to understand data flows. Many concepts withstood the test of time. But some parts showed their age, for example the drag and dropping of components did not support the new breed of reactive frontend libraries that came along.

This is currently changing for newpid which is based on TURBOPY.

newpid is a hybrid of messenger, publishing system and CMS that is optimized for speed and (relative) simplicity on code level. It works with swoole, making php async and in some benchmarks faster than go!

But porting features back and forth between newpid and TURBOPY wouldnt make much sense until the coding dust has settled.

Thats why TURBOPY is in sleep mode right now and might be replaced with newpid alltogether. newpid has all the ingredients that TURBOPY had but it is coming with the new stuff, cleanups and an invitation for developers and managers to rethink processes from end to end, skipping boilerplate and have a rock solid toolbox for fat free functional software in the future.

So stay tuned :) In the meantime feel free to join the dev channel @ newpid.com